小时候,my favorite thing about Thanksgiving was hands down,南瓜派After the turkey was all done and the green bean casserole was divided into tupperware containers,甜点会出来,我爷爷多诺弗里奥会高声喊叫PuuuuunkinPieeee!"总是没有M”sound because that's the way my sister and I pronounced it back then. Years later,我会学着喜欢苹果派当甜点,但当我祖父在餐桌旁时,他对双亲派的热情很有感染力,这一刻是我们假期的亮点。


但是记忆中没有那么迷人的部分来了:我们都会围坐在一起吃馅饼,but my sister and I (being the picky eaters that we were) would scoop out the creamy pumpkin middle and leave the shells of our crusts behind.The adults would shake their heads.Sometime's I'd eat the crispy edge piece,but the soggy bottom crust?不用了,谢谢。


Which brings us to pumpkin pie parfaits!It's what crust-less dreams are made of.

这个食谱有几种选择。I tested these a few of different ways and honestly both of these taste so good that I couldn't choose a winner. One option uses cashews and coconut milk as the base and requires the use of a high speed blender.另一个使用椰子奶油,可以和任何搅拌机或食品加工机一起工作。代替地壳,我用切碎的烤山核桃把它们分层。它们既简单又好吃,even if they are a bit of a modified tradition.

素食南瓜派 素食南瓜派

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Pumpkin Mousse,Option #1
    (this version works best with a high powered blender)
    • 1杯南瓜泥
    • ½ cup raw cashews,soaked 4-6 hours,排水和冲洗
    • _杯全脂椰奶
    • _杯枫糖浆
    • 1½ teaspoons cinnamon
    • 1½ teaspoons pure vanilla extract
    • 一茶匙海盐
    Pumpkin Mousse,Option #2
      • 1杯南瓜泥
      • _杯状粗椰子固体*
      • _杯枫糖浆
      • 2 tablespoons creamy/runny almond butter
      • 1½ teaspoons cinnamon
      • 1茶匙纯香草提取物
      • 一茶匙海盐
      For the parfaits:
      • heaping ½ cup pecans,toasted and crushed
      • Coconut whip,store-bought or homemade**
      1. Blend all mousse ingredients together until smooth and creamy.Transfer to a bowl and chill for 4-6 hours or overnight (the mousse will be thicker if it sets overnight).
      2. 组装帕法,把山核桃均匀地分成4个小盘子。Add the pumpkin mousse and dollop of coconut whip to each serving.

      ** Homemade Coconut Whip:
      1(14盎司)的固体可以全脂椰奶,refrigerated overnight
      ⅓ cup powdered sugar
      Few drops of vanilla extract

      图为: 3-inch tall Weck Jars

      Note: this recipe fills 4 (3-inch) small jars,把食谱加倍以装入更大的罐子或供应更多。


      If you make this,let us see!把你的照片贴上 #徳赢真人娱乐场loveand徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏lemons一款图片分享应用.


      1. Denise 说:

        Great dessert idea for the Holidays 🙂

        Are those the Weck tulip jars??


        • Jeanine Donofrio来自lov徳赢真人娱乐场eandlem徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏ons.com 说:

          yep,they are!!

      2. Joanna 说:

        很高兴看到没有外壳的食谱。I can't afford those extra calories.Would this work with regular whipping cream??

        • Jeanine Donofrio来自lov徳赢真人娱乐场eandlem徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏ons.com 说:

          Hi Joanna,you can use regular whip cream on top for sure.I'm not sure if it would be as thick for the filling (something creamy like mascarpone would be delicious instead of the cashew or coconut solids)… but let me know if you give it a try!!

          • Joanna 说:

            我把它保存在我的Pinterest板上,plus printed out the recipe.我将在侧边添加这些更改。我肯定会让你知道结果如何。

      3. 米基克莱尔 说:


      4. Oh,有了这个食谱,我所有的南瓜梦想都实现了。做起来既简单又快捷,但看起来绝对美味。X Kati

      5. 说:

        让椰子奶油搅拌起来有困难——有什么小贴士吗?罐头被冷冻了一夜,can it be whipped in a blender?otherwise – its delicious.we made the first version,很乐意用椰子鞭子试试!!!!

        • Jeanine Donofrio来自lov徳赢真人娱乐场eandlem徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏ons.com 说:

          哦不!有时会有(可悲地)哑罐——如果你有几茶匙某种淀粉(木薯,竹芋,etc),you can whip that in and it'll help it thicken.我也认为有些牌子比其他牌子要好(我在全食365牌椰奶方面一直很走运)。When you open the can it should have a super thick layer of solids that easily separate from the watery part.Also,确保它是全脂的(不是轻的)。

      6. Sarah 说:

        I made this tonight and it was amazing.迫不及待地想赶上感恩节。Really amazed out how creamy the mousse was.I used aquafaba for the vegan whip topping instead of the coconut whip and it went well with this dessert.谢谢你的妙方!!

        • Jeanine Donofrio来自lov徳赢真人娱乐场eandlem徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏ons.com 说:

          Hi Sarah,I'm so glad you liked it!!

      7. 雏菊来自.yrecipe.com 说:

        It looks gorgeous.I will try this tomorrow using option 1 for the pumpkin mousse.

        Thanks for sharing the recipe.

      8. 菲特 说:

        that pumpkin mousse seem delicious i love it good work!🙂 <3 ♥☻

      9. Cindy-Lou Joyce 说:

        Love this..I made the one with the cashews.I will try the other version with coconut next

        • Jeanine Donofrio来自lov徳赢真人娱乐场eandlem徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏ons.com 说:

          I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

      10. 梅格 说:

        Thanks for sharing!今晚我做了两个版本,它们很棒!我发现第一个版本的一致性非常好,非常流畅。I had to work the second one a bit longer to get the thicker coconut solids to come together in my Vitamix.

        Do you know how long these keep?Enough to keep until Thanksgiving?😉

        Thank you!!

        • Jeanine Donofrio来自lov徳赢真人娱乐场eandlem徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏ons.com 说:

          Hi Meg – so glad you liked it (sounds like you had a really good thick can of coconut!)I kept mine for about 4 days in the fridge – they should last until Thanksgiving!!

      11. Kristina 说:

        即使感恩节结束了,I still plan to make this for my vegan,food-loving roommate!看起来很好吃。

      12. 在最近的一次聚会上,这些东西大受欢迎。我被要求在圣诞晚餐时再做一遍。

      13. Balkanfrom balkanfood徳赢真人娱乐场recipes.com 说:


      14. 科里 说:

        我刚做的。我用蜂蜜代替了奶油。我不小心加了太多,但是味道太好吃了。Great pms cravings.谢谢你

        • Jeanine Donofrio来自lov徳赢真人娱乐场eandlem徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏ons.com 说:

          I'm so glad you loved them!!

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