Sweet Potato Avocado Tartare

Sweet Potato Avocado Tartare

I'm so behind with the trends.你知道鳄梨吐司变成了鳄梨吗?toast"有引号吗?People are using sweet potatoes as the"面包我第一次看到这个可点击的标题时,我觉得很荒谬。

One morning though,desperate times called for desperate measures.I had no breakfast food – just a sweet potato,an avocado,and some almond butter.我从来不会不吃早餐,所以我烤了红薯圈,在上面放了一半杏仁黄油,另一半放了鳄梨。杰克走进来,我说look,“土司”(with air quotes) and he looked at my like I was crazy,but we both gobbled it up.

This definitely was good,but still wasn't toast.尽管如此,I got inspired to use sweet potatoes like this,so I used that little impromptu breakfast as my inspiration for this tartare on sweet potato not-toast.

Sweet Potato Avocado Tartare


我把鳄梨与金枪鱼酒石中的配料——芝麻油混合在一起,一点地戎芥末和芝麻。There's diced red onion for a little crunch and 徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏lemon juice to brighten it all up.


Sweet Potato Avocado Tartare

Sweet Potato Avocado Tartare
Serves: 作为开胃菜,2 for lunch
  • 2个中甘薯
  • Extra virgin olive oil,for drizzling
  • 海盐和新磨黑胡椒
  • 1 watermelon radish,切成薄片,cut into half moons
  • 2 teaspoons sesame seeds,white or black
  • 1茶匙芝麻油
  • 2 teaspoons fresh 徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏lemon juice + more for squeezing
  • ¼ teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 红洋葱切丁
  • 1中大熟鳄梨
  • 海盐
  1. Preheat the oven to 425°F and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Slice thin rounds (smaller than ¼ inch,not quite as thin as ⅛ inch) from the thick middle of the sweet potatoes.This should yield 14 to 16 rounds.(你可以把红薯的末端切成小方块,然后把它们烤着再用。)
  3. Place the sweet potatoes on the baking sheet,淋上橄榄油和一撮盐和胡椒粉,烤20分钟。把切片翻过来,再烤10到15分钟,或者直到变软。
  4. Make the Avocado tartare: In a medium bowl,whisk together the sesame oil,徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏柠檬汁,芥末,还有几撮盐。加入红洋葱,放到一边。
  5. 红薯快熟了,把鳄梨切成丁,然后把它和柠檬一起搅拌到酒石中。徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏调味品尝。
  6. Top the roasted sweet potato rounds with the watermelon radish slices and the avocado tartare.撒上芝麻和粗盐。

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  1. 改变变化from chefxchange.comon said:

    So innovative to throw it together like that for breakfast!The photos look great,谢谢分享你的食谱!!

  2. 这些太有趣了。We did up a batch of the tartare over the weekend and I looked like an absolutely goddess of a host when I brought them out for company on Sunday.它们尝起来和看起来一样好。谢谢!!

  3. 你让我吃了鳄梨酒石!我很高兴听到我不是唯一一个不总是赶上潮流的人。😉 Loved reading your backstory for this one.

  4. 斯坦普on said:

    My wife and I are"tartare"粉丝们也尝试过金枪鱼和牛排,但是这很有创意。甜土豆圆添加了这么独特的触摸…和味道…伟大的图片也!!

  5. This cracks me up!I love the quotations around ‘toast' and what not…I'm totally on board with wondering why there has to be a mock everything these days…maybe just to keep it interesting!I've been obsessed with Sir Kensington products for quite some time and have yet to purchase them…now I'm motivated to do it 🙂

  6. Neni来自travelandlipticks.comon said:

    That's so creative and they look so good.我需要把这个加到我下次和朋友共进晚餐中。

  7. 沙奈特来自sharbliss.comon said:

    这看起来真好吃。I like the idea of the sweet potato rounds toasted but need an idea of what I could pair it with because I am not a lover of avocado.Nonetheless photos are beautiful.

  8. 漂亮的照片,这些看起来非常好,而且萝卜也很有用。And vegan too 🙂 Can't wait to try them.谢谢!!!

  9. Wow I never thought that sweet potato could be ‘toast' – very interesting.这个周末去吃早午餐试试会很棒的。

  10. 詹恩on said:

    Sweet potato toast has become one of my favorite breakfasts,尤其是我手头有额外的鳄梨糖浆。你的酒石看起来像是鼓舞人心的进步。谢谢!!

  11. This is such a beautiful idea!Throwing the best combo (avo + lime + sweet potato) in a new and inventive way.yuummmmmm!!

  12. Dalya Rubin来自youtube.comon said:


  13. Dana Won said:

    看起来很好吃。Do they make good finger food or is a fork needed??

    • 珍妮·多诺弗里奥from 徳赢真人娱乐场loveand徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏lemons.comon said:

      Hi Dana – finger food!🙂

  14. Sabrinafrom newkitchenlife.comon said:

    我不知道这是“东西”或“关于”toast"!So,感谢您为我们所做的一切,I haven't seen anything like it,如果这意味着我不时尚,然后,哦,好吧!我已经喜欢红薯了,所以当我看到菜谱标题时,I was in,then to see how you've crisped them as toast,genius,so thank you for that too!!

  15. 素食天堂来自纯素天堂.orgon said:

    What a great combo,珍妮!我吃不下红薯toast"这些天,so I can't wait to try your recipe.Looks SO delicious!!🙂

  16. 这幅色彩缤纷的图片真棒。This Sweet Potato Avocado Tartare recipe is so creative.

  17. Priya Shivaon said:

    Sweet potato avocado is yummy and awesome pics!!

  18. 奥米基from omigy.comon said:

    我喜欢红薯,而且这些也对你的健康有好处。我试过烤的,barbecued,作为芯片。But I have never combined these with avocado.这周末我一定要试试。我想要美味的因子。照片真棒。

  19. 莎拉on said:

    This was lovely!我不确定我的甘薯是否比平常大,或者我是否真的喜欢浇头,但是我最后只用了一个红薯,而且很完美。I didn't let my boyfriend know what was happening and just presented him with this dish (which is best for an objective opinion I've found),他对此非常热心。He is not a veggie nor a special-dieted person (although he often ends up being one by proxy),所以我认为这是一个胜利!The texture of the avocado is key…

  20. Kacy图书馆on said:


  21. 加比达林from whatsgabycooking.comon said:


  22. 埃林on said:

    正常的萝卜可以吗?(那些朴素的红色的)。Should the sweet potato be warm when served??

    • 珍妮·多诺弗里奥from 徳赢真人娱乐场loveand徳赢vwin捕鱼游戏lemons.comon said:

      Hi Erin – yep,normal radish would be just fine or you can skip it altogether.我可能不会把红薯再热一下,不然它们会浸湿的。甘薯可以在室温下食用,but I'd probably roast them close to serving time so that they don't get too soft.Hope that helps!!