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Mezzanine Systems for Next Gen Speeds

Samtec.helps address the challenges of next generation data rate requirements with industry-leading interconnect expertise, along with full system optimization services and support, including a vast library of development platforms and evaluation kits for high-performance interconnect systems. Samtec’s expanding line of proven High-Speed Mezzanine solutions engineered for 28 / 56 Gbps speeds includes extreme density arrays and ultra-high-density strips, along with optional mating cable systems.


Novaray®.56 Gbps NRZ Arrays

Novaray®.Extreme Density Arrays are optimized for the demands of 56 Gbps systems and beyond, with a roadmap to 112 Gbps PAM4. Attributes include low crosstalk, tight impedance control and industry-leading data rates and density. Cable systems are also available.

Extreme Density Arrays & Cables

AcceleRate® HD 56 Gbps Strips

Accelerate®HD超高密度,多排带令人难以置信的密集,最多240个总I / O,宽度5毫米宽,5毫米堆叠高度。EDGERate®触点针对信号完整性进行了优化,并实现了56 Gbps PAM4(28 Gbps NRZ)应用的支持。

Ultra-High-Density Multi-Row Strips on 0.635 mm Pitch

SEARAY™ High-Density Arrays

SEARAY™ Open-Pin-Field Arrays enable maximum grounding and routing flexibility; Low Profile & Ultra High-Density designs are also available. SEARAY™ VITA 57.1 FMC / VITA 57.4 FMC+ connectors are engineered to aid in application development.

开放式磁场阵列,Vita 57.1 FMC&VITA 57.4 FMC +

Development Platforms

Microsemi® PolarFire™ Evaluation Kit

Ideal for high-speed transceiver evaluation, 10 Gb Ethernet, IEEE1588, JESD204B, SyncE, SATA and more, the Microsemi® PolarFire™ Evaluation Kit leverages Samtec’s SEARAY™ VITA 57.1 FMC connectors. Features include:

  • 通过高引脚数(HPC)FPGA夹层卡(FMC),众多SMAS,PCIe®,双千兆以太网RJ45,SFP +和USB连接
  • Mating connectors for the mezzanine card include ASP-134488-01 for 10 mm stack and ASP-134602-01 for 8.50 mm stack

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Microsemi® PolarFire™ Evaluation Kit

FMC / FMC+ Development Kits & Boards

Samtec.offers a variety of development kits and boards featuring SEARAY™ VITA 57.1 FMC and VITA 57.4 FMC+ connectors that are designed to help simplify design and reduce time to market.


FMC / FMC+ Development Kits & Boards


Samtec.Signal Integrity Evaluation Kits help simplify the design process and reduce time to market. Kits are available for many of our high-performance connector sets and standard high-speed cable assembly configurations. Custom kits are also available.

查看详细信息或联系 the current list of available kits.



Novaray®.Novaray®.112 Gbps PAM4, Extreme Density Arrays

Novaray®将112 Gbps PAM4的极端密度和性能相结合,每个通道比传统阵列减少40%。

  • 每频道112 Gbps pam4
  • 4.0 Tbps aggregate data rate - 9 IEEE 400G channels
  • Innovative, fully shielded differential pair design enables extremely low crosstalk (to 40 GHz) and tight impedance control
  • 112 differential pairs per square inch
  • Two points of contact ensure a more reliable connection
  • 92 Ω solution addresses both 85 Ω and 100 Ω applications
  • NVAM
  • NVAF
  • GPSO
  • NVAC
  • NVAM-C.

AcceleRate® HDAccelerate®HD超密集的多排夹层条带


  • Incredibly dense with up to 240 total I/Os
  • Low profile 5 mm stack height
  • 修身5毫米宽
  • 4-row design; 10 - 60 positions per row (40 - 240 total positions)
  • Edge Rate® contact system optimized for signal integrity performance
  • 支持56 Gbps PAM4(28 Gbps NRZ)应用程序
  • Solder ball technology for simplified processing and self aligning
  • Additional stack heights in development
  • ADM6.
  • ADF6
  • GPSO
AcceleRate® HD

SEARAY™SEARAY™ High-Density Open-Pin-Field Arrays

These high-speed, high-density open-pin-field arrays allow maximum grounding and routing flexibility.

  • Maximum routing and grounding flexibility
  • Lower insertion/extraction forces vs. typical array products
  • Performance up to 18 GHz/pair
  • 开放式针域设计中最多可达560个I / O.
  • 1.27 mm(.050“)音高
  • Rugged Edge Rate® contact system
  • Can be "zippered" during mating/unmating
  • Solder charge terminations for ease of processing
  • 符合扩展Life Product™(E.L.P.™)标准
  • 7 - 18.5 mm stack heights
  • 垂直,直角,压配合
  • Elevated systems to 40 mm
  • 85 ohm systems
  • VITA 47, VITA 57, Pismo 2 certified
  • IPC J-STD-001F, requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies – meets class 3 acceptability criteria for high-performance/harsh environment electronic products (SEAM/SEAF series only)
  • IPC-A-610F,电子组件的可接受性 - 满足高性能/苛刻环境电子产品的3级可接受性标准(仅限接缝/ SeaF系列)
  • Seaf-ra.
  • 接缝-RA
  • 接缝
  • 接缝P
  • SEAR
  • 海水
  • 接缝I
  • JSO
  • GPPK
  • GPSK.

LP Array™LP Array™低轮廓开销场高密度阵列

这些较低的轮廓开口阵列阵列为4 mm堆叠高度,高达400个总I / O.

  • 4毫米,4.5毫米,5毫米堆叠高度
  • 高达400 I / O
  • 4,6和8行设计
  • .050“(1.27毫米)间距
  • Dual beam contact system
  • Solder crimp termination for ease of processing
  • 性能高达18.5 GHz / 37 Gbps
  • LPAF
  • LPAM
  • JSO
LP Array™

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